little things…

Once, my brother in law and I rode horse back 1/2 a day from our cabin bordering the national forest and hiked up to the wilderness area planning to overnight just above the tree line, ( 11,000 feet ). We sat above a glacier near Black Tooth mountain watching the weather change and the eagles soar. Small round eared rabbit like fellows, pikas I now know, were as curious and unafraid to see us as we to see them.

About dusk we asked, “Do you have the mosquito repellent? No, you have it we each replied.” To make a long story short we hiked out that night to moonlight. Never was I so glad for the moon and stars. It was a pretty good hike, although crossing little-goose creek ( glacier fed, waist deep ) was a bit traumatic.

The moral: Little things are important. Here’s a place that has a pika.

Speaking of little things, a doctor visit, do you know they can put a little tube down your nose and look at your voicebox? They take videos, the most amazing thing. But it’s more scans and possible surgery. Let us hope that it is a false alarm, a little thing.


28 Comments on “little things…”

  1. Prayers that all goes well with your testings.

  2. I had the voice box thingie a while back and it was a false alarm-ie.
    Here’s my heart felt-ie wishes for a false alarm-ie to you-ey, too-ey.

  3. i’ve been wondering how you were doing but didn’t want to ask.

  4. Sending good vibes and love your way! – Resa

  5. nokotahorse says:

    That little “rat-rabbit” Pika was a new one to me. Thanks for charing a nice memory 🙂

  6. Eric says:

    You hang in there, Buddy! Your story reminds me of a winter hike on the AT with a friend. At the top of the highest mtn in the state, an unexpected blizzard… Fortunately we found an abandoned cabin to wait it out in. Next day we hiked back. Kids. What can you do? 😉

  7. Love the story of your adventure and wish you well with your health journey.

  8. Really enjoyed your walk down memory lane, liked not so much the little tube down your nose thing. Prayers for all to be well !

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