positron, cancer and carbs

A positron is an electron with a positive charge. Some say it gets this charge by traveling backward through time. Eventually it meets a normal negatively charged electron and BOOM anti-matter, meet matter and photons are released. Based on where pairs of photons are detected, a computer calculates the point the photons were created and uses that to map your body. Brilliant thought, brilliant execution. We take it for granted. I certainly can’t understand but I trust it.

A tech injects a small amount of radioactive glucose ( glowing sugar so to speak ) and assumes your cancer tumors will be hungriest and suck up more than their share of the glowing sugar. The machine maps the glow to find the tumors. Magic seemingly, but really outstanding science.

I had heard that sweets are bad for cancer, but didn’t understand the reasoning. But this made me see the connection. It seems that sugar and carbs feed tumors, and that’s good to know when fighting them. At the cellular level, cancer is a hungry beast. Diet is a weapon too.

So here in my body we may have cancer struggling for immortality with cells that refuse to die, and the very fabric of time and space is harnessed in the fight. What an amazing time to be alive.

Of course maybe in time and space this time there’s nothing to be found.


34 Comments on “positron, cancer and carbs”

  1. Interesting and informative.

  2. mindfuldiary says:

    You win, the beast loses. Basta. πŸ™‚ I admire your strenght Bill. hugs

  3. Shannon says:

    I hope the miracle of science finds only finds cancer free space!

  4. Clanmother says:

    You continue to be in my thoughts….

  5. Whimsy Mimsy says:

    Being a physics person, I love how you’ve woven this together…but I hate that you’ve had to. My thoughts are with you.

    • billgncs says:

      interesting that cancer’s immortality is my mortality. One must supersede the other. I think there might be a poem in there somewhere with the positron traveling backward in the time continuum.

  6. “…Of course maybe in time and space this time there’s nothing to be found.”

    I hope and pray for your sake, your family’s, and ours, too.
    What an amazing story you weave about your life, your struggles, science, computers, food, philosphy, and life itself. You are something else, Bill.

  7. God is the great healer and physician, standing on faith that all wil be well.

  8. prayers being said and my thoughts are with you.

  9. Eric Alagan says:

    Healthy diet and exercise – old fashioned but that’s the way to go I reckon and leave the rest to Him.

  10. Its great to hear that there are some new (to me at least) methods to combat cancer. Here’s hoping it works well

  11. What an amazing time to be alive indeed. Here’s hoping there’s nothing to be found. πŸ™‚

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