zapatista mexican restaurant – food

So Monster ( his cycling club nickname ) and I decided to try Mexican for lunch. My favorite Rito’s with their volcano bowl was too far, so we tried a new place Zapatista.

We both had the same meal and enjoyed it very much. Their chips and salsa were fun but when I asked for a spicier blend he brought the habenero salsa which was rich and creamy with a lovely tomato flavor. It was ha…. ha…. hot!

fine chips and haberno salsa ...

fine chips and haberno salsa …

I’ve never tried tortilla soup, and this was wonderful. It reminded me a bit of French Onion except it was full of rich things. It was one of the best soups I recall. Our sandwich was nicely done steak on excellent bread with a guacamole sauce. I was a bit surprised to see french fries, but it’s a small world.

scrumptious tortilla soup and good sandwich

scrumptious tortilla soup and good sandwich

11 Comments on “zapatista mexican restaurant – food”

  1. I love reading about you and your other half enjoy time together. So sweet.

  2. i’m hungry! But Im lucky because I get this weekly 🙂

  3. mindfuldiary says:

    Never tried a tortilla soup. Food looks good! Love the food posts :D.

  4. it sounds sooo good! i’m still not able to chew, so now you got me really hungry!

  5. Love tortilla soup. First had it in Mexico City.

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