upset stomach – yars

Eddie C was red and rough and covered in freckles.  Irish from his toes to his curly red hair he played rugby flanker, a position that required a love of  mayhem and destruction when any came near him. Short and stocky with arms like boulders, Eddie reveled in the position and its roughness.

If one played the “A” game, then we might share a few beers watching the “B” game, and the “C” game and by the time it hit 02:00 AM at the party  they might have been drinking for 14 straight hours. Eddie excelled at the post game festivities too, but he had a sensitive stomach.

One night at 02:00 AM as we discussed something critically important ( I’m sure )  and Eddie’s lovely wife napped in the car waiting to drive us home he peered at his full draft beer then the bartender and called out ” I need some Alka-Seltzer.”

The bartender brought over a glass of water and two of the fizzy effervescent tablets for Eddie.  Eddie opened the packet and dumped the tablets into his beer while they bubbled merrily away.  He chugged the seething mass belched loudly remarking “That’s better, let’s go home.”

I must admit, I have not seen that happen again.

YARS – yet another rugby story

9 Comments on “upset stomach – yars”

  1. Why not? Doesn’t every decent Irishman drink his whiskey with milk after a certain age?

  2. Ha! He put it in his beer! I have to admit I’d never thought of that – what a genius! I love you YARS stories Bill!

  3. Eric Alagan says:

    Alka-Seltzer with beer – iron gut 🙂
    Or, Balloon buff – take your pick 🙂

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