aardvark away…. YARS

Of all the T-shirts I have owned this is my favorite. I traded for it in the 1970’s with a teammate from New Mexico.

As far as I know, it is the only known image of an aardvark as it breaks away from the pursuit and heads for the goal line.

a rugger aardvark displays his fancy footwork

a rugger aardvark displays his fancy footwork

Greg S_ the original owner was a nuclear engineer in town for a couple years to help build the Perry Nuclear Power Plant near Cleveland. He was both brilliant and eccentric, spending his vacations in Atlantic City or Las Vegas with the latest of many girlfriends who would wager on his signals as he counted cards. Greg had a big colorful van that we used to joke he lived in, and was working to re-invent the carburetor as he felt he could triple the mileage.

Once we sent him to the liquor store to get beer for a party and he returned with bottles of grain alcohol and grape juice, convinced that this would be best method to get the alcohol into our systems. From what I remember, that was a wild, fun party.

YARS – yet another rugby story

10 Comments on “aardvark away…. YARS”

  1. “LOL” Grain alcohol!! So glad you lived through your youth! 🙂

  2. Truly, you have met the most fascinating people!

  3. Sounds like you lost touch with him. Too bad.
    I heard he was last in New Mexico, living with Indians, trying to download 100 dollar bills into a 3-d printer in order to both re-sell them on-line for 90 dollars as well as use them in the casinos down there funding his new girlfriend’s endeavors at the casinos.

    BTW Ralph Nadir created carburators that got, if memory served, 60 miles to the gallon (or more) back in the 70’s. I believed it was quashed by the auto/oil industry. He got quashed too as memory serves.

    • billgncs says:

      Randy – the sky’s the limit when I think of Greg and a three-d printer. I am sure he is all solar or geothermal powered.

      I believe the carburetor tale. I once was on the church properties committee with an older fellow who had been an engineer at Eaton and had prototyped the first car air conditioner. It filled the entire trunk.

      I asked him if he ever invented anything, he said naa, the auto companies would just steal it. Which one I asked. he replied, all of them.

  4. Eric Alagan says:

    Greg sounds like a fun guy, Bill.

    Did he make any progress with that carburetor – professional interest compels me to ask.

    Cheers, Eric

    • billgncs says:

      I don’t think the carburetor panned out, but I don’t doubt Greg invented something else. He was alive with ideas. He was one of my favorites and great fun!

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