I rode my bicycle down around the pond as the sun set. Goose and gosling meandered nearby and the still pond mirrored the cloudless sky. In the fading light a crab apple in pink bloom shone scarlet while the dogwood in its silken dress glows the purest white. I think of you as their scent embraces me, a natural Chanel #5, rivaled only by jasmine or the mountain meadows of Wyoming.

A hundred cars drive by, I wonder if they know what they’re missing.

25 Comments on “sunset”

  1. very moving. πŸ™‚

  2. Clanmother says:

    You have a poet’s hearts…thank you!

  3. Sounds lovely, we’re finally getting blossoms here and I love it. I walk everyday and get to see a lot of things that others zip by on. Rode your bike? I take it your hand has healed up nicely?

  4. I can smell the scents!

  5. Eric Alagan says:

    Yes, the drivers missed plenty – just like me in my youth. Now, I stop and marvel as ants criss cross without missing a step.

  6. susank456 says:

    So beautiful I can see it and almost smell it too. I wish I was there too.

  7. HillaryWhite says:

    I agree. I see it right here in your poetry too ~

  8. HillaryWhite says:

    ❀ Really beautiful..

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