rocket scientist vs compassionate soul

I’m in the cart, IV’s hooked up covered by the scant hospital gown minutes away from the procedure when the doctor walks in.

“Have we met?” He asks.

I’m thinking… this is not good, but then I remembered that the referring physician mentioned that Dr _ was brilliant but not so hot on the social skills. I respond:

“Cancer, indeterminate pet scan – in your office last week. You’re gonna followup?”

“Oh…. OK we’re good.”

And they roll me down the hall.


36 Comments on “rocket scientist vs compassionate soul”

  1. I hope Dr _’s skills in the theatre came up to scratch. A gather from the other Comments that this piece was prompted by a real life issue and that things are looking rosier. That’s good news.

  2. Shannon says:

    Yikes and phew! Good thing you didn’t say “leg amputation”

  3. gkarlovsky says:

    Thanks for reaching out to me last week. Now I’m reaching back. I booked your blog from way back when and every once in a while come take a peek. SO glad this was good news. Prayers, Bill. Always.

    • billgncs says:

      thanks Gail ! You are always welcome. One more ultrasound and it’s time to sound the all-clear.

      what a year and a half, and thanks for your support.

  4. russtowne says:

    “Cancer free!” Sweet, sweet words to me, my friend! Congratulations! May that always be so for you.


  5. vbholmes says:

    Glad I read to the end of the comments as I can now congratulate you on being cancer free–wonderful news!

  6. Congratulations on being cancer free, Bill. I held my breath as I read the comments. I am so relieved for you

    And now on to the humor of the moment, being that if the doctor doesn’t know you, he doesn’t know how to bill you – or bill Bill. And be careful about the line about being his son – they may not get along.

  7. I understand that sometimes a doctor will try to reassure and comfort a patient by striking some sort of relationship or conversation with the patient, but with my experience, I’m just too nervous to say anything back but garbled words and gibberish.
    I hope the follow up went well!

  8. Whimsy Mimsy says:

    Not like…i’m sorry. I hope it all goes ok.

  9. Ha he’s so brilliant he’s dumb? Ahaha “I’m your son…”

  10. Cara Thereon says:

    Lack of bedside manner? Can’t say I’ve worked with a ton if docs who excel at that.

  11. susank456 says:

    I hope everything works out for you. If you need me to come kick him with my big honkin’ air cast, just let me know.

  12. Bumba says:

    The best of health to you.

  13. Eric Alagan says:

    I like it when they say “we’re good” – hey, buddy, I’m the one under the knife!

    But I agree, as long as it works out well and he takes good care of you.

  14. Oh my…I agree with Clanmother…as long as he takes care of you.

  15. Clanmother says:

    As long as he takes care of you….

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