pre-conception food

The Lighthouse Restaurant in Michigan City Illinois sits near the lake. It’s a mom and pop place, a perfect match for the nearby beaches and Indiana sand dunes. Clad in spandex we rode our bicycles to the front and locked them up next to a cluster of big Harley Davidson motorcycles. Inside the restaurant, our table adjoined the hulking leather clad men with bandanas and mirrored sunglasses and their windswept women who could claim the big hogs outside.

We ordered, and as we waited I wondered what we might overhear from this wild looking crew. Imagine my surprise to hear their big gruff leader pose to the group: “So, tell me, is beauty subjective or objective?”

a fun different way to try ham-salad

a fun, uncommon way to try ham-salad

Aside from the six glasses of water I tried the stuffed tomato. A fresh tomato with homemade ham salad, peaches, cottage cheese, an egg, peperoncinis and Greek olives – a fun one-half way repast.

The moral: People and restaurants will surprise you in unexpected delightful ways – if you just let them.

15 Comments on “pre-conception food”

  1. cabecada says:

    Whoa that looks delicious

  2. Kristi says:

    Looks good and homemade. It’s good I was prepped, with some tea and snacks, before I clicked to your blog…you always share food pics (yum!) and fun stories. 😀

  3. Eric Alagan says:

    …subjective or objective?

    Hmmm, there are some heavy grey matter churning under the bandanas – probably the local faculty is chilling out.

    “Hey, you guys have any idea what Prof does on his days off?”

  4. Kind of like not judging a book by it’s cover?!

  5. ” People and restaurants will surprise you in unexpected delightful ways – if you just let them.

    Harleys and bicycles – both well spoke-n.


  6. susank456 says:

    You are so right, we just have to look at people and places with an open mind and a little adventure may happen.

  7. Looks yummy to me–and refreshing!

  8. You had me until you mentioned spandex! haha just kidding. Just goes to show you can’t tell a book by it’s cover, some of my best friends have been bikers – riders and cyclers! 😉

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