the pleasure of denial

We sat around our table, boxes as companions, drinking champagne from antique glasses supping on Chinese takeout on paper plates. We toasted Jan who in one week had prepared, boxed and cleared out twenty-eight years of possessions.

The new buyers offered a cash deal if we could be out in two weeks, but we lost the first week because we were on vacation. The new tenants asked to buy our lawn-mower, freezer, three desks, some mirrors and some other items. We made them a very good price offer, and they countered with $100.00.

We kept the mower and the mirrors and I took $101.00 worth of pleasure of donating everything else to charity.

Moral: Look for win/win propositions that are fair. Sometimes you might just screw yourself.

11 Comments on “the pleasure of denial”

  1. Shannon says:


  2. susank456 says:

    Good for you. Now they can go buy new for tons of money or secondhand for still more than you had offered to sell them for.

  3. Did you just move? Or is this an old story? I love that you donated your things…

    • billgncs says:

      movers are loading now. I am sitting on a box in the garage. Yes, we donated quite a bit, about a dozen trips to the hospice thrift store near us, and the junkman we hired went through everything else and took more there.

      It feels good to see things get another home.

      The tiger-fork was taken by a passer by when we put it out on the tree lawn. I plunged the tines into the earth leaving it standing pointing to the heavens…

  4. vbholmes says:

    Some people are simply cheap chiselers period. The house sale, however, sounds like a sweet deal–it may have been a lot of work to get packed up in a week, but in today’s market, a buyer with cash in hand is a keeper. Much happiness to you, Janet, and your daughters in your new life as a 24/7 family again.

  5. Jack Flacco says:

    Wise counsel, indeed!

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