great hearts

Today someone taught me a lesson about having a great heart. They contacted me about donating to the little foundation Jan and I setup to give bikes to kids 2wheels2kids. Someone else contacted me about helping us give bikes in Estonia or Ghanna.

Jan and I figured we could fund three bikes a year, and have delivered one for Chicago, one for Canada, and one in Colorado. These great wordpress friends have shown me how much more fufilling it is to share kindness. Thanks guys for your great hearts. We have exceeded expectations for year 1 by 25%.

Now it’s off to find another youngster who needs a bike…. Can’t wait for Christmas.

10 Comments on “great hearts”

  1. Shannon says:

    It reminds me that no matter how small we may feel in the world, we can still make a difference. 🙂 Thanks, Dad you always inspire me.

  2. Lori Lipsky says:

    Terrific. Your generosity is contagious…encouraging others to give as well.

  3. Yay miracles happen at Christmas!

  4. What a generous heart you and Jan have you are a blessing to many:)Wishing your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  5. Resa says:

    Bill, you are a true gem! Resa xo

  6. I can attest to what a wonderful foundation you and your wife have set up, as my daughter is one of your recipients this year in Colorado and we couldn’t be more grateful! What a neat idea to gift bikes to kids. It has to be one of the most exciting things ever received in a young persons life with the independence and new found freedom it brings 🙂 God bless you, the hearts with which you give, and your ministry this year and every year. May we watch it continue to grow, bringing many other kids faces, as it has to my own. Warm hugs and many thanks!

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