Queen Bee

I dabble in poetry a bit. I write with dverse, a friendly place – almost a Cheers bar where poets, some aspiring, some accomplished meet and share. Here’s one poem I wrote recently.

Someone commented: I would like to be the Queen bee but am destined to be a drone worker bee…will and hand:)

It might be a joke, for she seems unlikely to fail. I looked her up, she’s young and talented and I hope she dares follow her dream. Some times the cost is high – but if we acquire the skills, commit the time our dreams can happen. I always tell kids, somebody has to win the race, why not you ? Someone needs to be the Queen Bee, why not you ?

My life is in transition, we have a certain number of months to wind down the data-center following a corporate merger. After that, I might have passed the expiration date for jobs in IT. Jan and I are talking about new dreams now. Somebody has to visit Fiji and New Zealand, why not us ? Somebody has to teach English overseas, why not us ? The possibilities are endless. But if we don’t dream it, it will never happen.

I hope you realize that you can dream all your life, and reach those dreams. My dreams started out “If I could make enough money to travel and play club rugby” a lifetime ago.

Here’s to you, the next Queen Bee.

24 Comments on “Queen Bee”

  1. taehreh says:

    This makes me want to live life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. 🙂

  2. Hey..Thanks for the vote of confidence Dawlin’…No I am not a Queen Bee… have come close but always come assunder just on the cusp of reaching the peak of the mountain. It is not so bad at the bottom as long as it is a white sandy beach with blue green sea and palm trees. I have been to Fiji and it really does looks like the “Castaway ” movie.
    I am not young LOL

  3. Hi Bill, I’ve been in the middle of something and I cannot find your lovely wife’s address. Can you send me a link to her site? Huge hugs

  4. Here’s to you and Jan in Fiji finding me in your suitcase 😉

  5. Eric Alagan says:

    A dream fails only when we stop, I reckon.

    All good wishes,

  6. Thanks, Bill! I needed a dream pep talk. We have some new dreams over here, and like you say “why not us”

  7. Chatty Owl says:

    Very inspirational and heart warming!

  8. Very inspirational Bill. Go Jan and Bill Go!
    Diana xo

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