what’s in a word – travel basel

We dined well in France, and were so tried of dinner with champagne and wine and many courses that for our night in Basel, we thought we would eat simply and found a little pizza place. We could get one small pizza and split it.

Since the bus that took us to our hotel was the 604, we decided to get # 604 on the menu, we thought it might be ham, mushrooms, artichoke, and egg. Egg ? Well, we were too tired to try to do the English to French without my sister so we just cast the dice.

Imagine our surprise when what we thought was egg turned out to be olives.
It was a very good pizza, and they had ice cold water, which I was dying to get.

Sometimes it’s all in the translation.


12 Comments on “what’s in a word – travel basel”

  1. Resa says:

    Well, olives are shaped like eggs, only smaller and a different color. You weren’t far off!
    Welcome home!

  2. One man’s egg is another’s man’s Olive…
    Popeye, 1957

  3. Lots of things get lost in translation too. I love this story and am so glad to hear you guys had a great time in France!
    Diana xo

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