phone booth

When you’re in a mountain valley with no line of sight to cell towers, how does one make a phone call? Head up to the phone-booth.

Hold my ride while I make this call....

Hold my ride while I make this call….

You can ride up on the mountain bike, or take the car, or go natural. But a one horse powered vehicle is a pretty good way to mix technologies.

Here’s hoping you can sometimes un-plug.

24 Comments on “phone booth”

  1. It’s so impossible to get offline and stay there. Part of it is my work–email is a necessary compulsive habit. Nonetheless, I’ve tried to set aside halves of the day where the computer is off. I’ll start right…now. 🙂

    • billgncs says:

      good for you, sometimes the connected life is so hectic that we forget we need to recharge – and I think I sense it from your blog – that people are important.

      We have been able to vacation for many years to Wyoming with the horses, and it has really been a healing bonding place for our family.

      • My brother went to the University of Wyoming and I loved the drive up to see him. Of course, I could tell when I’d left Colorado since the wind seemed to catch me at the border! 🙂
        Enjoy the unwinding and family time!

  2. Resa says:

    I like being unplugged!

  3. So that’s where they put all the phone booths.

  4. Hey, Dr. Bill, do you make horse calls?
    nice one. Randy

  5. Chatty Owl says:

    Unplugging is great. I’ve done that few weeks back for two weeks. It was weirdly liberating.

  6. globalunison says:

    I wish I could have some time off too and unplug myself. I think I can telly use it. Glad to know you are doing good 🙂

    Warm Regards,

    • billgncs says:

      Well Hello Naima –

      How is school ? Are you happy with things ? Have you fallen in love ? Well, that’s very inquisitive of me, and I apologize – but you are one of my favorites so I hope you’ll forgive me 🙂

      • globalunison says:

        Hey Bill,

        School is okay, thanks. It’s tiring. I couldn’t go back home this summer cause I was caught up with an internship here.
        Fallen in love – hah, that’s overrated, don’t you think you should ask if I get heartbroken? (Just Kidding)
        There’s no need to ask for any apology; ya are my favourite too so I don’t mind those questions coming from you! (Smiling )
        Hope you and your family are doing good and that you get to spend quality time this summer with your daughters. I am sure you miss them!!


        • billgncs says:

          Internship ? What are you doing ? I’m glad you still have your sense of humor. Are you thinking an arranged marriage ?

          We spent a few weeks in France, and then in Wyoming at our cabin horse back riding. It was a very good time for us.

          • globalunison says:

            I am doing law so yeah I was an intern in a law firm. Arranged marriage, hah, won’t you ask me if I am even up for ‘marriage’? ( Kidding).

            Trust me, it’s so cool you guys have such an awesome time all together with each other, family trips are the best- I must say! And then a location like France to top it off, it has to be divine!

            Although I can’t believe you were in Europe and didn’t stop by England, that’s unfair! Next time, you should try 🙂

            Hugs and blessings,

            • billgncs says:

              beautiful young lady like you ? The right fellow is waiting to meet you.

              Yes, we have had a chance to do some things, and I count that as some of my favorite accomplishments.

              You never know, one day you might get your wish 🙂
              I’m glad you checked in and stopped by.

  7. unplugging is a great gift to give yourself! Glad you are enjoying your time up there Bill. How long do you stay there? You’re in Montana right?
    Diana xo

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