the power of a child

Little acts can change our day. Today I found this in my mailbox.

If I interpret this correctly, in the eyes of a child I'm skinny - what's not to like

If I interpret this correctly, in the eyes of a child I’m skinny – what’s not to like?

It was from Tessa our neighbor’s six year old daughter. I learned a lesson too. Small sincere acts of kindness really do lift our spirits. Thanks Tessa, we’re never too old to learn.

Thanks Tessa, love is infectious, but it's something that's good to catch.

Thanks Tessa, love is infectious, but it’s something that’s good to catch.

Pass it on.

27 Comments on “the power of a child”

  1. uldissprogis says:

    We seek praise almost all the time for our efforts so refusing praise once may actually be a sign of humility or recognizing that we are not the only ones worthy of the praise. Not accepting or refusing deserved praise is an attempt at deception if you truly want to be praised again a second time for the same deserved actions. All that I am really saying is the if the praise is deserved or earned then you are rather stupid to refuse it hoping to be praised again. But thanks for the feedback. I really enjoy it. Best wishes. Uldis

  2. cperrington says:

    Since I’ve gained three step sons, I’ve realized I have as much to learn from them as they do from me. Really liked this.

  3. Just Patty says:

    That’s so sweet! πŸ™‚
    Best gift ever.
    Lots of love ❀

  4. Kristi says:

    Awww.This is the sweetest gift ever. And I can’t stop laughing about your comment under the first photo
    ….you know kids speak the truth at that age. πŸ˜€

    • billgncs says:

      good point πŸ™‚

      Will you get a graduation pic ? I’d like to have see one if you get one πŸ™‚

      • Kristi says:

        Most of universities in Denmark don’t have graduation parties or if some do, then the celebration is kept very low key……I’m not going to have graduation pic either…..very boring. Now that I think of it…it’s kinda sad that we’re not celebrated. But, I’ll celebrate with my friends and family. πŸ˜€ Last week before my deadline….my son kept asking me….are you done now? He kept me accountable to the last sentence.

        • billgncs says:

          doesn’t the mindful person celebrate milestones πŸ™‚

          Sounds like your son is a fine fellow. Don’t you think that the belief or a child can lift us. I think that’s a good story to share with him when he’s older πŸ™‚

  5. Cara Thereon says:

    This was unbelievably sweet. πŸ™‚

  6. I love getting gifts like that. i have kids art work all over the place at my office and at home. I smile every time I pass them.

  7. Resa says:

    I love that she drew you riding your bike. Lucky you! What a sweet child. πŸ™‚
    Is that Jan in the second pic?

  8. Sweet. Love Tessa’s heart – what a gift she is! ❀
    Diana xo

    • billgncs says:

      It was totally a surprise, when she’s out, we usually chat a moment or two, and a couple times I was cleaning and gave her some stuff that my girls outgrew, like a big bucket of sidewalk chalk and things like that.

      Even though it’s just a passing thing, the love of a child is a great gift indeed.

  9. Precious! My daughter used to mail “artwork” to my aunts when she was 3 or 4 years old. Her contribution was mainly scribbles, but my aunts always sent something back to her, and there’s an unfettered joy in watching a child open something special in the mail. Thanks for posting this and reminding me of that joy.

  10. susank456 says:

    What a day brightener!

  11. What a priceless gift. Huge smiles.

    • billgncs says:

      I admit to be surprised. So I wrote her a thank you letter, and mailed it so she will get a letter from the post office.

      I’m still smiling.

      • That is an incredible response…to mail her a thank you; she’ll be so excited to receive mail. I’m happy this happened to you; you deserve kindness. Hugs and smiles. Please pass hugs and smiles along to Janet as well. Good night my friend. This has filled my heart tonight. What a beautiful day!

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