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If you have time, you can hop off the interstate and drive across the country on Route 20. If you have time, you can stop a time or three just because something looks interesting as you drive past the small towns and farms in Nebraska and South Dakota. You might stop for to take a picture of the “Plainview Klowndoll Museum” (as a joke because your daughter can’t stand clowns ) and find the old-timer working on lawn likes your tee-shirt and opens up the place so you can take a little tour, even though it’s closed.

What does one find in a Klown Doll Museum?  Clowns...

What does one find in a Klown Doll Museum? Clowns…

You might find very rare Red Skeleton pieces, or a clown carved out of a single piece of coal, or another made of the ash from the Mt. St. Helen’s volcanic ash melted into glass. It started with a bequeath – and now every item of the over seven thousand items has been donated. Dolls and knick-knacks, some people come visit this tiny out of the way town to be sure their collection will have a nice home there. And then they donate.

Even Dr Clowns, is nothing sacred???

Even Dr Clowns, is nothing sacred???

We had places to be, reservations to keep and so we only stayed a few moments. Still we left richer for the time we spent there.

12 Comments on “plainview klowndoll museum – travel”

  1. Resa says:

    Wow! Red Skeleton…

    • billgncs says:

      You know Resa, there were a couple pieces that might have been valuable – but they were really the collection of people, and I suspect from Mom’s and Granddads who every Christmas their kids brought them a clown doll or knick-nack. Then late in life they donated it to this little place. It was the best kind of quaint.

  2. reocochran says:

    This would be an interesting place to visit. My youngest girl is afraid of automated animals like Chuck E Cheese and not too crazt about clowns either. She is silly but I see some really beautiful doll clowns in this. I always liked it that Red Skelton did clowns on canvas. He was a talented painter. Fin post and I like what you can find off the “beaten path.”

  3. I guess you be clowning around on this trip…

    • billgncs says:

      It was like going into someone’s home and seeing their private collections of nick-naks Randy.

      I place some personal collections rested to they not be lost.

  4. Love the ‘might finds’ in this post Bill! ❤
    Diana xo

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