June 2 – national cancer survivor day

I just saw that today is national cancer survivor day. Not exactly a club anyone would choose to join, but once cancer drafts you, membership is OK. I’m still here, so that’s good. Hard to believe it was three and 1/2 years ago that I went under the knife.

In the words of Mr Spock… Live long and prosper. I plan to.



Another December, another scan – sometimes cancer lingers…. even though we expect it gone.

What I-131 pills come in.

What I-131 pills come in.

When you take one, your body replaces the lead container. May your December be glowing.


The world lost a great soul recently. When I first discovered I had cancer I came across Jen’s blog. Her memorial is here. She was full of hope, and her heart brimmed with courage and love. How could I be afraid when someone stricken so harhly by this horrible disease fought bravely on against all odds.

I read her blog. We never met and I don’t recall even emailing, but I can say that her life made the world a better place. God speed Jen.

Here is a post on how she and some other brave bloggers touched my heart.

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