good day – bad day

The morning started with the post merger CEO stating: “These are difficult times, and some of you are going to lose your jobs.” That can make it a bad day. Then when the Dr. calls and mentions your cancer test is a bit awry, it’s a bad day.

Still, we are promised few things but change. Each day differs from the last, and sometimes we must re-invent ourselves. As an old acquaintance use to say: “I was looking for a job when I found this one.” Seems logical to me.

What made it a good day? We received a check from a donor for our foundation which means another kid gets a bike for Christmas. How can I not smile.

Merry Christmas

DNA – 2

The fun of this DNA testing surprises….



and reminds me of places far away…

my mother's tribes

my mother’s tribes

and how all of us are descendents of travelers…

my father's tribes

my father’s tribes

but if I ever felt holier than thou… I might be justified

holier than thou.. I don't think so

holier than thou.. I don’t think so

But my kids say, I can be a royal pain…

ah.... please pass the cake

ah…. please pass the cake

But then we decide if we really want to know…

what burden does some knowledge bring...

what burden does some knowledge bring…

But what we have in common should transcend the sum or our differences.

I found this at

dna news

The results are back from You send them a saliva sample, then they sequence your DNA and you can view the results on their website. It’s a combination of fun and some serious information.

It’s nice to score in the 98th percentile in any test, I just never thought it would be from having 3.1% of Neanderthal DNA.

My kids may have suspected it.

what matters

there are cowards who think themselves brave by hurting the defenseless. In the end they will be brought down for they are empty vessels. I choose to think of love and hope now.

Little Gabe Kangarooing with his father — fighting to preserve what some waste so foolishly.

little kangaroo

little kangaroo

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