I have known a few people who were truly noble. It always makes me wonder, how on earth do they do it.



This is Gabe. He’s not mine, but some friends love him dearly. Gabe checked in a bit early at two point two pounds to be exact. But he’s fighting, and was even able to cry the other day. Read the rest of this entry »

silence today

no words come to me to convey my sadness, or the anger at this cowardly act.

one year

Today marks one year of blogging.

Thank you for following. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting.
Thank you for sharing your insight.



Why can’t witches have babies? Read the rest of this entry »

planned posts

oops —

just got back from a 15 mile ride in 100 degree + heat and was a bit foggy.

so I didn’t mean to publish my future post plan.

sorry, but if you want some fun go to and put on your silly word hat.


new fiction site


Once I started writing some Friday Fictioneers, I thought it best to separate the fiction from the cancer/other personal thoughts.

So, stories and poems only slightly exagerated remain at bwthoughts, while the my imagination lands on the new site. My first new post is at , and you are always welcome, thanks for following…