winter cycling thoughts

Cycling in bad weather can still be fun, you just need to dress properly…

layers are what it's all about in winter cycling

layers are what it’s all about in winter cycling

Turn yourself into a layer cake… under-shirt, shirt, fleece, jacket, leggings, jeans, inner socks, wool socks, gloves, ear-band, balaclava will keep you warm. I can promise if you commute to work this way, you will be wide awake when you arrive!

And for those of you in the holiday spirit, we are set to give away at least two bikes to kids at – here’s what we did last year.

Ride safely – and watch out for dark ice.

good day – bad day

The morning started with the post merger CEO stating: “These are difficult times, and some of you are going to lose your jobs.” That can make it a bad day. Then when the Dr. calls and mentions your cancer test is a bit awry, it’s a bad day.

Still, we are promised few things but change. Each day differs from the last, and sometimes we must re-invent ourselves. As an old acquaintance use to say: “I was looking for a job when I found this one.” Seems logical to me.

What made it a good day? We received a check from a donor for our foundation which means another kid gets a bike for Christmas. How can I not smile.

Merry Christmas

great hearts

Today someone taught me a lesson about having a great heart. They contacted me about donating to the little foundation Jan and I setup to give bikes to kids 2wheels2kids. Someone else contacted me about helping us give bikes in Estonia or Ghanna.

Jan and I figured we could fund three bikes a year, and have delivered one for Chicago, one for Canada, and one in Colorado. These great wordpress friends have shown me how much more fufilling it is to share kindness. Thanks guys for your great hearts. We have exceeded expectations for year 1 by 25%.

Now it’s off to find another youngster who needs a bike…. Can’t wait for Christmas.

biking foundation

We started a foundation 2wheels2kids

and so far it’s a 100% success. We budgeted for three bikes and we have one purchased and two checks sent off. We are even international, with one off to the great north of Canada. Maybe next year we can do better, but we will always do our best.

Wishing everyone a great holidays coming up.

I remember being eight years old and coming down to see a big red Schwinn bicycle, there is nothing like it.