aardvark away…. YARS

Of all the T-shirts I have owned this is my favorite. I traded for it in the 1970’s with a teammate from New Mexico.

As far as I know, it is the only known image of an aardvark as it breaks away from the pursuit and heads for the goal line. Read the rest of this entry »

root beer secret pleasures

One of my secret pleasures is to find regional root beers and taste them. The other night Jan and I stopped into World of Beer in Naperville and discovered….


Of course the Nitro Stout ( on left ) always looks and tastes good, but the goblet contains “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” 10% alcohol made by Small Town Brewery in Illinois. Rich and smooth with just the right kick. Next time we are bringing some vanilla ice cream to make floats the kick you back.

Once a friend from Germany asked me for a taste of root beer. “Acch… tastes like medicine” he said. I replied, that’s cause it’s good for you. May your root beer always be in a frosted mug.