wheels and hoofs – cycling and horses

Wrapping up Wyoming for 2014, I took a cycling ride from the cabin to Bear Gulch. It was about seven miles with one thousand feet of climbing. These days, that’s a hard ride for me. At the top, the as far as I can go top, I sat on a rock and ate some local cherries we had purchased at a local farmer’s market.

Resting at Bear Gulch

Resting at Bear Gulch

Many of you who know horses may think they prefer to hang about the corral with their buds just waiting until it’s time to go out to pasture. However my I-phone horse translator tells me that this one was saying… “What do you mean you didn’t take me to Bear Gulch with all the sweet grass… Are you crazy ? ” My legs and lungs said I should have listened.

Bear Gulch... that's a very serious matter!

Bear Gulch… that’s a very serious matter!