My youngest daughter, beautiful, wise, free spirited and I had epic battles about her hair ( among other things ). She wanted it blue, or shaved, or a mohawk. Steadfastly I refused. The battle raged, and like water and wind shaping the cliffs along the shore eventually she wore my resistance away.

Then a funny thing happened. The world didn’t end because her hair was blue or pink. In fact, it looked cute, and when we were out she would often get complimented, especially by older ladies. “Dad”, she would tell me, “They like it because they wish they had done this when they were young.” I couldn’t disagree, although each time someone did that while we were out I would cringe and think “No, don’t encourage her!”

Next was the buzzcut, hair marine bootcamp short, and we went to bestcuts where the same stylist buzzed us both. Afterwards as I was paying the stylist asked if we were related since we had the same hair pattern. I just smiled and said, “What a coincidence.” Soon enough, I trimmed her sides for the much loathed mowhawk. And although she informed me that my future as a hair stylist was limited after she reviewed the handiwork, I saw that confidence and poise can carry any fashion.

Is there a point to these ramblings? I think so. We can learn from our children, we don’t always need to conform, and life is short and made for living. May you live, and laugh, and love, and learn.

I still keep my hair buzz cut short.