haiku moon beams

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comfort zone

Can I risk to love you, and open up my heart
trust you, like the surgeon placingĀ  sterile ice
to quell each rhythmic contraction,
artery and valve repaired and let the beating start.

How could I trust some surgeon more than you,
when with eyes closed, I can trace each subtle
curve that makes you whole and real to me,
find the outline of your smile, the sweetness of your lips.

Shall this healing act begin with sunlight and curtains wide
fingertips your hand in mine, and laughter bubbling, rising
to the surface of the spring of youth that you and I have shared
we will tiptoe near the shore, snaring every moment that is there

Let not our love be needy, as we, no longer children, know
that in fusion of our souls, we cannot grow
but instead with independent strength in love as all we do
lets us smile and say to all, I choose you.