12 hours in

The radioactive I-131 should be coursing through my veins.   That means my spit, my urine, my crap are all hot.

Here are the rules, sit when you go, flush two or three times, don’t spit, don’t use your toothbrush more than two days in a row.  Keep covered. Stay localized to as few rooms as possible.

I had a bit of nausea, but that has passed.   I plan on drinking a gallon of distilled water over the course of the day.  Anything to flush that vile stuff out of my system.

Reminds me of that famous novel, “On the Beach”, in which nuclear war contaminates the air, and in Australia they wait quietly for the end to come.

This little story has a much happier ending, but it reminds me how fragile and precious life is, and how close to mortality we sometimes tread.