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Sunday started a low iodine diet, Monday the first of two injections of Thyrogen to stimulate my pituitary into tricking any cancer cells to absorb Wednesday’s planned radiation dose. It makes me smile with irony. Whoever wrote the form I will need to sign “I understand this treatment may cause other cancers” could only have been a lawyer.

The injection left me light headed and tired. So instead of work, I returned home to lounge on the couch watching cable TV. I watched scene after scene of automatic rifle fire, massacre and cold blooded slaughter. I wondered how many times similar scenes played, watched by brilliant and socially awkward kids, until the programming is implanted.

Enough of the morose, I wrapped a few presents ( silly ones, my favorite of course ) for the girls and pondered the true meaning of Christmas, and what we miss when we ignore it.

do you dream

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happy day

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rebirth through tears

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One more scan, less than five minutes on the table while the MRI whirrs around you. The tech is friendly, she is a cancer survivor and we compare scars. “Who’s your surgeon, Donzelli? Mine too, isn’t he just the best.” All done, then it’s off to wait.

Today a call, “We found a brain, and no masses”. If only I had this evidence of a brain when my daughters were teens. They would never have believed it.

the trail

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matcha and memories

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