celebrate – food

before Easter, we celebrated the birthday of our favorite oldest daughter

a bubbly to start and a red for dinner

a bubbly to start and a red for dinner

We picked up the Chateau La Nerthe visiting France a year ago, it did not disappoint us. The champagne we picked up locally, it was wonderful.

Have a blessed Easter.

champagne finance

We had a little celebration the other day. Champagne from a little vintner in France, prosciutto wrapped melon, cardona cheese and crackers, apple slices. Funny how a fine champagne is infinitely better than an average one.

one of life's pleasures

one of life’s pleasures

This was exquisite, one of the best bottles I have ever enjoyed, and of course it tastes better shared, wine always does. But the best fun with champagne is finding value, a bottle that drinks so much better than the cost. It’s like finding treasure.

Finances are a bit like that. Most of us need to choose what we value. Chase everything, and we end up with debt. But if we focus and are willing to delay gratification we can pursue our passions.

May you choose and chase your dreams.