great hearts

Today someone taught me a lesson about having a great heart. They contacted me about donating to the little foundation Jan and I setup to give bikes to kids 2wheels2kids. Someone else contacted me about helping us give bikes in Estonia or Ghanna.

Jan and I figured we could fund three bikes a year, and have delivered one for Chicago, one for Canada, and one in Colorado. These great wordpress friends have shown me how much more fufilling it is to share kindness. Thanks guys for your great hearts. We have exceeded expectations for year 1 by 25%.

Now it’s off to find another youngster who needs a bike…. Can’t wait for Christmas.

biking foundation

We started a foundation 2wheels2kids

and so far it’s a 100% success. We budgeted for three bikes and we have one purchased and two checks sent off. We are even international, with one off to the great north of Canada. Maybe next year we can do better, but we will always do our best.

Wishing everyone a great holidays coming up.

I remember being eight years old and coming down to see a big red Schwinn bicycle, there is nothing like it.

bike club

I’m starting a club….

Eventually I’ll setup a blog, and maybe get a tax free certificate… I’ll have a catchy name.. ( maybe )

Anyone can join this club, and you get lifetime membership. All you have to do is give a kid a bike and take a picture.

This one is for Zac, an eleven year old fellow who’s mom is in a bit of a pinch. It’ll sit in the garage a while, but I can hardly wait for Christmas.

I can't wait until Christmas

I can’t wait until Christmas

If you want to donate, contact me. If you do it yourself, even better just send along the picture. If you have a good idea for a catchy name, I don’t guarantee I’ll use it, but I’m all ears.

And lastly if we only do something because there’s a tax deduction, what’s the point- BW