the french christmas table – food

Everyone has their holiday favorites, but I thought I’d share this list that illustrates why I so love France. In the little village all the restaurants are closed for family is very important, so as the note I received from my beloved sister and brother in-law in France shows… one must make do…

French cooking frenzy,
amuse bouche: cappucino of chestnuts with flakes of foie gras
starter: coquille st jacques “Normande”, (scallops in calvados cream sauce )
salad: field salad with apples and toasted walnuts, vinaigrette of walnut and maple syrup
Terrine of goose Foie gras with truffles
Beef Tournedos with jus, truffled potatoes
Cheese plate (Abundance, Reblochon, Langres, Burgundy double cream with Truffle
Buche de Noel
wines: Sauterne, St Romain (Burgundy white)…Champagne!!!!
We are Christmasing
Tomorrows menu is even better

Merry Christmas

bike club

I’m starting a club….

Eventually I’ll setup a blog, and maybe get a tax free certificate… I’ll have a catchy name.. ( maybe )

Anyone can join this club, and you get lifetime membership. All you have to do is give a kid a bike and take a picture.

This one is for Zac, an eleven year old fellow who’s mom is in a bit of a pinch. It’ll sit in the garage a while, but I can hardly wait for Christmas.

I can't wait until Christmas

I can’t wait until Christmas

If you want to donate, contact me. If you do it yourself, even better just send along the picture. If you have a good idea for a catchy name, I don’t guarantee I’ll use it, but I’m all ears.

And lastly if we only do something because there’s a tax deduction, what’s the point- BW

christmas shopping

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present pleasure

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