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My dad enjoyed his cups. But every year for one month he would abstain from drink. Of course he always chose February, the shortest month. I suppose leap years were an extra trial. Therefore I will return in March to the blogging world. Hope to see you in a bit.

It’s funny how pecking order works at a business lunch. The waitress approaches the end of the table and asks the junior member what he prefers for a beverage. He hesitates, then blurts out iced tea. Around the seats she goes, and lemonade, Arnold Palmer ( a Chicago drink of 1/2 lemonade 1/2 iced tea ) , water, coke join the list until she comes to the leader. He looks around, says “I’ll have a glass of wine,” and immediately seven other orders get changed.

Restaurants grow and change, and this one continues to grow and gets better and better.

Cooper’s Hawk has a big wine list as they are a vintner, I took a taste of a Meritage ( a blend which should drink like a Bordeaux ), but it was a bit lite so I settled on a nice oakey chardonnay.

nice oak, clear, no aftertaste - a good wine

nice oak, clear, no aftertaste – a good wine

Of course a larger group means more appetizers — the Mexican egg rolls and calamari were fun, the potstickers outstanding. I even tried the crab-cake, and found it full of crab meat which retained the feel and light flavor crab is so famous for. This was a great warm up.

all good, but the goyza ( potstickers ) and crab cakes were out of this world

all good, but the goyza ( potstickers ) and crab cakes were out of this world

Then the cheese plate and pretzel bread. I suspect that if I were Super-man, pretzel bread might have qualities of kryptonite.

a fun mix - a cheese plate helps conversation

a fun mix – a cheese plate helps conversation

kryptonite to weight watchers.... sigh I'll have one more piece

kryptonite to weight watchers…. sigh I’ll have one more piece

One thing I admire at Cooper’s Hawk is that they really offer good lunch selections with smaller portion size. I chose the pork medallions, mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was Estafee ( a reference to H. Beam Piper’s Fuzzy Papers for Sci-fi fans, which translates to essential and great )

Not to much, but each bit bursting with flavor

Not to much, but each bit bursting with flavor

Then it was time for dessert. I was up for something different, and tried their home-made ice-cream sandwich. Thin slices of banana, a wafer with a crisp toasted texture delicious ice-cream and a very light subtly sweep syrup. Each bite was a delight of texture, balanced flavor, subtly sweet wrapped around the richness of ice cream. This is one of the best desserts I have chanced across.

exceeding every expectation...

exceeding every expectation…

Of course then it’s the expresso ( the smallest amount of coffee possible ) to get through the afternoon.

Great meals are always enhanced by conversation and company. The people and sharing are what makes dining fine.

cooper’s hawk

I rode my mountain bike around Springbrook Park. It’s a prairie oasis in the encroaching Chicagoland creep. From my house it’s just ten miles with six following the crushed gravel path through the natural prairie. Nearby earth movers prepare a Walmart, sigh, but the park will remain – the past rubbing and chaffing against the present and future.

As I cruised the path, a Cooper’s Hawk bust from the ground cover taking wing with six red winged blackbirds pursuing. It was a big bird, many times the size of the smaller more agile birds driving it away. If only power mattered, why did it flee? He fled because the hawk is most dangerous when he strikes from high unseen.

The hawk’s power is in stealth – remaining unseen. Like many bad things, vigilance thwarts them. So too with us. A philosopher once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Maybe the unobserved life is dangerous too.

May you understand danger and be vigilant.