calcium and reiki

Awakening after the surgery, I realized that each breath came more easily and was deeper.  The tumor had been pushing against my wind pipe and slowly, secretly throttling me.

Since then, recovery has been great.  On Friday I went and received a Reiki treatment.  I sat in a massage chair, and she put her hands on me and gently I felt the warmth infuse into me.   Touch is good, healing touch feels even better.

I am taking massive doses of calcium and vitamin D.  During the removal of the gland, they cut two para-thyroid glands out and transplanted them into my neck muscle.   Until they kick in and start regulating my calcium and D levels, I am stuck on the supplements.

When my calcium starts to crash, I feel numbness in my hands or feet and lips and it is off to pop a couple tums.   Hopefully the tranplants will take.

I have popped tums before, it is a great way  to deal with cramps on a long cycling ride.   Just hope I won’t need them every day.