round — three

Well in the best case ,this is the last health post for a bit. I am forced off the bike for a month or two…. hopefully, I am a fast healer.

Thanks to all my well wishers, you really make a difference. I will see if I can get through this without taking any pain killers. Just to see if I can. Tomorrow, back to pearls of wisdom…. and typos….

this has to be an ok excuse for typos, doesn’t it ?

And don’t forget, wear a helmet and don’t answer your cell phone while riding!

round two

Surgery tomorrow at 1:30 PM Central. How it stinks to reach the point where all you talk about is your health.

I used to break paving blocks with my hand when I studied martial arts a lifetime ago. I guess with this crash, the concrete had its revenge against my hand.

still riding

The Dupage River asphalt trails wind next to it. Shaded, scenic with no car traffic its wonderful for riding. Read the rest of this entry »

the tax comes due…

looks like surgery on Wed… Read the rest of this entry »

stupid tax

Stupid Tax — I first heard of it from Dave Ramsey. In our family it is referred to as the penalty for having your body and mouth in gear while your brain is on idle. Read the rest of this entry »

cycling — a bad day, a good day

Riding to our Wednesday night ride, my chain locked up when the rear quick release hub slipped Read the rest of this entry »