I had been thinking about masks, and what they
conceal for a couple days, and then how if we aren’t
careful what becomes truth and what fiction
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Let go of dreams that cannot be
Which I hold dear yet others see
as vines that fruit will never yield
no matter how I tend this field.

What is a man when dreams expire
With love and life lived sans desire?
Tell me the measure of my soul
Without this piece, shall I be whole?

Can ideas exist without a word
Are thought and action both absurd
Must we like marionettes dance and sway
exist moment to moment, day to day?

Where does a man find dreams to seize
heart to love and woman to please?
My arms reach out to draw you near
boy be a man, look in the mirror.

Let no more days just pass me by
banish epitaph “He didn’t try”
Each day so precious let it seem
another chance to live a dream.

Sometimes we lose our way, perhaps we can dream our way out of it.