Queen Bee

I dabble in poetry a bit. I write with dverse, a friendly place – almost a Cheers bar where poets, some aspiring, some accomplished meet and share. Here’s one poem I wrote recently.

Someone commented: I would like to be the Queen bee but am destined to be a drone worker bee…will and hand:)

It might be a joke, for she seems unlikely to fail. I looked her up, she’s young and talented and I hope she dares follow her dream. Some times the cost is high – but if we acquire the skills, commit the time our dreams can happen. I always tell kids, somebody has to win the race, why not you ? Someone needs to be the Queen Bee, why not you ?

My life is in transition, we have a certain number of months to wind down the data-center following a corporate merger. After that, I might have passed the expiration date for jobs in IT. Jan and I are talking about new dreams now. Somebody has to visit Fiji and New Zealand, why not us ? Somebody has to teach English overseas, why not us ? The possibilities are endless. But if we don’t dream it, it will never happen.

I hope you realize that you can dream all your life, and reach those dreams. My dreams started out “If I could make enough money to travel and play club rugby” a lifetime ago.

Here’s to you, the next Queen Bee.


i have no wings

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