doers and watchers

We stopped at Devil’s Tower on the way home. The extruded magma from a long ago volcano stands a proud challenge to the surroundings, a holy place to the Native Americans, and a Mecca to climbers.

Devil's Tower in the Distance

Devil’s Tower in the Distance

My daughter and I scrambled across boulders near the technical climbing area. It was hot tiring work, but nothing like the climbers faced. Afterwards I thought how life divides us into doers and watchers. Can you find the inspiring doers in the picture below?

Can you find the doers in the picture

Can you find the doers in the picture

How about the watcher, another famous feature of Devil’s Tower, can you recognize the Prairie Dog?

A Prairie Dog watches for danger

A Prairie Dog watches for danger

Life can be tough when you’re little and tasty and there’s eagles and coyotes about.

I think that sometimes we become watchers or doers at the wrong times for improper reasons. There’s a time for both, but if we want to realize our dreams we must ensure that fear doesn’t stop us from doing when the time is right.

May you dare to do.