cooper’s hawk

I rode my mountain bike around Springbrook Park. It’s a prairie oasis in the encroaching Chicagoland creep. From my house it’s just ten miles with six following the crushed gravel path through the natural prairie. Nearby earth movers prepare a Walmart, sigh, but the park will remain – the past rubbing and chaffing against the present and future.

As I cruised the path, a Cooper’s Hawk bust from the ground cover taking wing with six red winged blackbirds pursuing. It was a big bird, many times the size of the smaller more agile birds driving it away. If only power mattered, why did it flee? He fled because the hawk is most dangerous when he strikes from high unseen.

The hawk’s power is in stealth – remaining unseen. Like many bad things, vigilance thwarts them. So too with us. A philosopher once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Maybe the unobserved life is dangerous too.

May you understand danger and be vigilant.