a little miracle

Not sure if you remember Gabe ( here’s the link to his arrival as a preemie )

We had to do a spot of babysitting and I found he’s thriving. I was supposed to tire him out, but I think we agreed on mutually assured exhaustion.

Who's tiring out who ?

Who’s tiring out who ?

Children are hope. Children are miracles.


of fires and miles

I was thinking about love the other day, not sure why, but my curse seems to be to ponder things I cannot understand.

A friend emailed me about loss and pain, and I was struck how we think that love that burns fiercely and brightly for a short time transcends all, but I realized that

Perhaps love is really measured in the distance we’ve come together – which is what makes it so precious.

and the love that burns long and true is hot enough to change our hearts forever. Which is truer ? I wish you the opportunity to discern the difference.


When we have lived with anger for a long time it’s hard to let it go. It leaves a void in us, one to be filled by hope or despair. It seems more difficult to open to hope. Perhaps that’s why we cling so to anger, the alternative seems much more frightening.

May you be brave enough to let go of your anger and dare to hope.

darkest night

When night is darkest and hope a crutch that others lean upon, cast your eyes up. Often new things are revealed when we least expect them.

the heavens from the Big Horn mountains are wondrous. Photo Jason Stomps, all rights reserved

the heavens from the Big Horn mountains are wondrous. Photo Jason Stomps, all rights reserved

The night sky outside our cabin in Wyoming. It continually teaches me the meaning of “awe”

May there be wonders in your life.

is it bragging…

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what matters

there are cowards who think themselves brave by hurting the defenseless. In the end they will be brought down for they are empty vessels. I choose to think of love and hope now.

Little Gabe Kangarooing with his father — fighting to preserve what some waste so foolishly.

little kangaroo

little kangaroo

active shooter

Today an email arrived for a required training course. Usually we learn to separate capital from expense or avoid offending everyone about anything ( ie don’t try to be funny .) This one said “Active Shooter Training.” I thought it would be about using bar-code scanners. Read the rest of this entry »

what would you give?

He was the grandson of a warlord but now a man of modest means. She came from the elite of a middle eastern state, Read the rest of this entry »

happy day

Was thinking of presents. Read the rest of this entry »


Junior High coalesces the scattered streams of elementary school to a single river meandering toward the future. Read the rest of this entry »