dare to ride — horse

Sometimes we try things and they don’t always work out exactly as we planned. Read the rest of this entry »

watch out for bears – horse

My youngest often rides a horse bareback as we explore the mountain trails. Read the rest of this entry »

one dollar and other considerations… horse

He had been a rodeo star, now his limp bore witness. Read the rest of this entry »

Bear Gulch

She always rode Sunday, a gentle white mare so eager to go. Sunday would prance in anticipation, loved to be first in line. I always rode Lad, dependable solid Lad. We would take them up through Folly Ranch past Bear Gulch and leaning way back in the saddle take them down the steep curving trail, where 4-wheel trucks inched over the rocks like caterpillars, to Rapid Creek. Read the rest of this entry »

born to ride – horse

I married into horses… my kids were born to them…. Read the rest of this entry »

sweetest of cookies – horse

Horses are like people, each with strengths and faults. Read the rest of this entry »

that darn horse

Blackjack was spooky. Sure, he might have a big roman head, and mule like ears, but he was athletic and energetic. Big and strong he could eat up the miles, just pull his head in gently with the reins, squeeze him with your legs and he would foxtrot forever. Small obstacles or streams in the way, Blackjack could sprout wings and fly over them. Read the rest of this entry »