just a thought

The other day someone responded to a comment I made and started it with “IMHO”. I looked up the acronym and it means In My Humble Opinion. It made me think that maybe he was proud he was humble. Can that be? Or the opinion was humble. I suppose if the evidence was weak, or in your heart you didn’t truly believe in the argument it could be humble.

I ended up replying, “Humble is good.”

That’s just a thought, IMHO.


what’s the French word for…

My beautiful, intelligent, blonde daughter went to visit my sister who lives in Provence France. While there she asked my sister “What’s the French word for croissant?”

i ain’t broke… but….

When I left home at eighteen money was pretty tight. Read the rest of this entry »

hoping for warmer weather

October now chills the bones, whispering “Stay in, stay in” as the wind pushes down from the cold cold north. We turn to thoughts of mulled wines, and hearty soups and vacations to the warmer places. Read the rest of this entry »

shade trees and ringing bells – yars

I actually heard birds singing, and people were calling me from far away. Read the rest of this entry »

from horror to terror — halloween

The TV was a big black and white unit and the lights were low and flickering, painting our faces in shadow and light. Read the rest of this entry »

don’t play with…. – poem / limerick

A limmerick from back in the 1970’s in tribute to Dan
who missed Senior Prom for a reason that was not discussed… much<
Read the rest of this entry »

from predator to santa claus ? – cycling

I admit my beard may have a trace of grey, well mostly grey but… Read the rest of this entry »

mosquito – poem

In which it is discovered a broken hand one day out of the splint is not quite healed. Read the rest of this entry »

do you have your ticket — cycling

I once browsed a bike shop looking over things with one eye on a tandem I thought might be fun for my wife and me. Read the rest of this entry »