free — almost

Seventy-two hours after swallowing two little white pills, I am allowed to come out of my self contained isolation room.  It wasn’t too bad, I didn’t get much metallic taste, still seem to have saliva ( although that may change over time ) and generally don’t feel too bad.  My stomach is still queasy, and right now, all I can keep down is a few eggs.  Fruit seems to be a problem at present.

Thanks to all who offered their well wishes and prayers. I seem to be weak as a puppy, but I hope that will change soon.

I am off for a short ride around the block, symbolic, but defiant.

I will be radioactive for up to 180 days, enough to set off alarms at airports and federal buildings, and two more days ( I will probably make it several weeks ), before I have contact with a child or pregnant woman.

Let us hope and pray there are no more chapters like this in my life.

48 hours in

24 more to go in isolation.  I have been working a bit from home on the laptop.

No parity or disk problems from the radiation so far.

Feeling a bit better.  I think running the vaporizer around the clock is helping, and keeping hydrated although cumbersome, moisture out, moisture in, seems to be working as well.