lost and found

I was lost, but now am found… not in the metaphysical way, of course..

no longer lost…

As a small town boy ( Cleveland, Ohio USA ) in the big city ( Chicago, Illinois USA ) my Garmin has made my life better from the day I got it. ( Thanks Jan for such a nice present ).

Nothing beats being on the freeway behind a truck where all vision and signs are obfuscated and having the Garmin show you which lane to be in and how far to the exit. And when I am daydreaming, or thinking about a work problem ( I know I shouldn’t ) and I drive past my exit, that beautiful sound of “recalculating” is music to my ears.

As I posted once before in gentle-feelings-maybe getting lost on my way to a time sensitive doctor’s appointment set off a quick punch which ruined my windshield. With the Garmin, I expect a kinder, gentler me.