of fires and miles

I was thinking about love the other day, not sure why, but my curse seems to be to ponder things I cannot understand.

A friend emailed me about loss and pain, and I was struck how we think that love that burns fiercely and brightly for a short time transcends all, but I realized that

Perhaps love is really measured in the distance we’ve come together – which is what makes it so precious.

and the love that burns long and true is hot enough to change our hearts forever. Which is truer ? I wish you the opportunity to discern the difference.



My favorite oldest daughter, not to be confused with my favorite youngest daughter, graduated yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »


I heard an old adage on the radio today.  A famous football player said  “You are never happier than your saddest child.”

I had never considered it, but for me it’s true.  May your lives be filled with joy.

what matters

there are cowards who think themselves brave by hurting the defenseless. In the end they will be brought down for they are empty vessels. I choose to think of love and hope now.

Little Gabe Kangarooing with his father — fighting to preserve what some waste so foolishly.

little kangaroo

little kangaroo

what would you give?

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poetry contest — poem haiku

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romance and life

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28 years

She’s the mother of my children, my lover and best friend. Read the rest of this entry »


been reading a fascinating book “Parenting from the inside out”, about the mind and how consciousness develops, and how socal bonds, and parental bonds are crucial to proper development in children. After quiet reflection… Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been bucked off a horse, crashed my bicycle, been tackled so hard it knocked snot on my cheek, and had cancer surgery. But of all the blows that have landed and knocked me woozy or down, the ones that hurt most were always of the heart.

You get back on the horse, ( if you can catch the darn thing ), dust off your bike and clean out the scraped skin as best you can, jump up and run to position while secretly checking all your limbs are attached in rugby, defy cancer. But when it comes to the heart, you just need to keep loving.

If I have learned nothing else, shake your head while smiling wryly, and laugh quietly at yourself.