tangent – poem, reason 2 rhyme

little scribble for reason 2 rhyme
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oblivious — poem

The 4th in Chicago, over 100 degrees. When I ride to the prairie park it always astounds me how much cooler it is to be off of the highway. As I cycle, I see one thousand miracles and smile secretly at a young couple and their Iphone. How strange are they young, or maybe, how strange am I.
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radio silence — haiku

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brambles –

100 words, written for the Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers, constructive criticism welcomed.
wild rasberies — we called them brambles, picture here

Sometimes, there isn’t ever a good time to say goodbye.
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electron dreams — haiku

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father’s day

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i have no wings

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haiku duet

memories of her
linger like tears on my cheek
frost within my heart

summer warms my soul
verdant fields, abundant fruit
sweet taste of your kiss

before childhood’s end…

how often to we tell our children, “I know you, and I trust you”
and then let their actions reinforce our belief.

can we say to them “I believe in you”, and let them fail and encourage
them to try again and grow.

do we let them earn our trust by small tasks that soon are replaced by
the larger things, where and when we may no longer be around.

do we set fair limits, that they may know walls are safe and firm,
but yet understand that doors are made to step through to new worlds

can we let them know that anger and other emotions are fleeting, but that
no matter how we feel, we love you forever.

shall we help them leave the nest and soar, but love them equally no matter if their
nest be small or large, as long as it is true.

is it possible to love them and let them go, realizing that childhood is a terrible time
to peak, and gently nudge them with an invisible hand that they may stand alone and blossom
as they grow.

silver haiku

My hair is silver now, my beard the same
but my heart still feels young
and when I look at you I see
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