I rode my bicycle down around the pond as the sun set. Goose and gosling meandered nearby and the still pond mirrored the cloudless sky. In the fading light a crab apple in pink bloom shone scarlet while the dogwood in its silken dress glows the purest white. I think of you as their scent embraces me, a natural Chanel #5, rivaled only by jasmine or the mountain meadows of Wyoming.

A hundred cars drive by, I wonder if they know what they’re missing.

food as art

Shinto in Naperville Il… excellent preparation, lovely flavor.

This picture shows a caterpillar roll and a tempura roll, beautifully prepared.
Missing is the red tuna presented in the shape of a flower. Each serving unwraps the rose. The whole meal, green tea, edemame tender and lightly salted, sashimi of yellow tuna and white tuna and a spicy tuna roll.

tempura and caterpillar roll food as art

Expensive, yes. Value, absolutely.
When you fall off the vegan wagon, it ought to be for something as good as this…