of fires and miles

I was thinking about love the other day, not sure why, but my curse seems to be to ponder things I cannot understand.

A friend emailed me about loss and pain, and I was struck how we think that love that burns fiercely and brightly for a short time transcends all, but I realized that

Perhaps love is really measured in the distance we’ve come together – which is what makes it so precious.

and the love that burns long and true is hot enough to change our hearts forever. Which is truer ? I wish you the opportunity to discern the difference.


I was at a funeral a while ago, and someone spoke out of the hurt in their life from the deceased. I thought of Klingon revenge “A dish best served cold”, but wondered at the aftertaste.
There was pain, real pain there. I hoped for healing, but healing is hard to get from death. Perhaps forgiveness would better serve.

Rage hurt and anger dig deep inside us. They can fuel us in a crazy manner, great for sports like rugby or martial arts. However, in the end they own us and the person who harmed us takes something, controls something, our ability to experience joy. I think only forgiveness releases joy.

It’s strong medicine admitting we were wronged or hurt. The consequences of the action from the law, the world stand beyond our control. But if we can forgive we take back the ability to see them or not for reasons of our own. Our lives flow forward, nothing expected, just a free future.

Forgiving is something we do, we need no one’s permission or even their presence. Sill, make your peace while others are here. Too often I have seen the weight of words unsaid.

Forgive often, and let your full life be your revenge. Soon there will be no revenge, just joy.

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