When I was in seventh grade, Mr Batanian – psychology teacher, athletic director of the school, car salesman, father of a large number of really fine kids, stood up in the auditorium and said: “You kids and all this I don’t know who I am. Well I’ve got news for you. Find out who you are and where you’re going and get there by the time you’re thirty-five.”

I’ve always remembered that advice, though it took me a bit longer, and it might be time once again for some more traveling. But I’ve altered it a bit to:

“Life is a journey, try to find some comfortable shoes by thirty-five.”

Happy travels.


straight and narrow

Instructions are the opposite of expectations. So often the lack of one leads to failure in the other.

When one of my daughters was learning to drive we decided to let her take a stint on the highway in Wyoming. I pulled off, she took the wheel, buckled up and proceeded to drive and start to turn onto the highway into the oncoming traffic, leading me to scream “Straight, straight, straight” at the top of my lungs. It was traumatic at the time though we laugh about it now. But the failure was on me for not ensuring she knew what was expected of her.

Often in life, work and love we have expectations that are unmet because we never clearly state what is wanted. Don’t count on anyone to read your mind, you’ll almost always be disappointed.

r & r – horses

Rest and recovery is as important as action.

work is over, time to graze

work is over, time to graze


I heard an old adage on the radio today.  A famous football player said  “You are never happier than your saddest child.”

I had never considered it, but for me it’s true.  May your lives be filled with joy.

little things…

Once, my brother in law and I rode horse back 1/2 a day from our cabin bordering the national forest and hiked up to the wilderness area planning to overnight just above the tree line, ( 11,000 feet ). Read the rest of this entry »


Just learned that dear friends may split. This is beyond sad. But at least the limbo will be over for them. There are few things worse than limbo.


I read an email about two people and change. Read the rest of this entry »

a bit of bragging

Summer open gym was pure joy. Read the rest of this entry »

decision riddle

Someone told me this the other day. Three frogs are sitting on a log when one decides to go for a swim. How many are left? Three, a decision is not action.

May you have the follow-through to accomplish great things.

safe deposit

We dug through our safe box, pulling certificates and documents turning over proof that society membership requires. Read the rest of this entry »