september in the prairie

When I moved from Ohio, I missed the trees and hills. Yet, I’ve grown to find the prairie pure, abundant and ever changing. This section of Springbrook park was burned completely down last fall, once the lightning storms and the Indians renewed the prairie this way. In one spring and summer the prairie returns verdant and full of life.

renewed and full of life

renewed and full of life

As we cycle this path, every day its newness is a gift.

a million flowers on the back of the envelope

I rode my bicycle, it’s fallen to 53 degrees and stopped by a hillside. If you do like back of the envelope calculations you might count a 2 x 2 square and find it had 100 flowers and that in a space that could hold ten thousand squares you could behold a million flowers.

Or you could just saw wow.

a million flowers on the prairie

a million flowers

And enjoy it before winter comes once again.