let your hair down

I happened to come across a post where someone labeled another who had differing views. Of course I violated the “blogging prime directive” – don’t throw gasoline on someone else’s fire, it’s their blog, their belief, and one snarky comment won’t do a darn thing to open their eyes.

Still, I am reminded of Gimli the dwarf words from Tolkien: “The words of this wizard stand on their heads.”

When we dehumanize or vilify an opponent we take the first step of the path toward justifying violence.

While I am sure this tower is not so grand as Orthanc where Gimli and Sauron bandied words, if you ride your bicycle down the Illinois Prairie Trail as it lazily parallels the Fox river, you can catch a glimpse of this modern day castle built in the 1930’s by the Pratt family.

Built in the 1930's by an engineer.

Built in the 1930’s by an engineer.

Maybe just the place to let down your hair….