Drafting is a joy of cycling. The front rider breaks the wind and the follower tucked in behind the leader’s wheel uses up to 30% less effort. Alternating two together can ride much faster than alone. A stronger rider can help a weaker rider.

When my oldest was younger we used to head out for twenty or twenty five miles and when she’d tire she’d tuck in behind me and we’d fly along. Cycling is like life, sometimes you pull, sometimes you draft, and sometimes you get a chance make progress while you coast.

Here’s a few of my favorite cycling movies:

Breaking Away: A 1979 film where a young Indiana boy who idolizes the Italian racing team comes of age.

Race Across the Sky: A great film about the people who ride the Leadville 100, a mountain bike race. Love him or hate him, Lance Armstrong rides it just after completing the Tour de France.

Ride the Divide: Think the Tour de France is hard, this 2,711 mile unsupported mountain bike race runs from Banff in Canada to the border of Mexico and full of snow, mountains and bears.

Greg Lemond wins Alpe d’Huez: An epic ride up the 21 switchbacks to the top of the Alpe d’Huez in the 1986 Tour de France is great footage if you can find it.