Chin’s 34th street fishery – food

If you don’t mind eating from plastic plates or your chowder in a plastic bowl ( but I admit it’s a bright color ), but you care about seafood, then Chin’s is a great place.

If you don’t mind bread rolls slathered in oil with big pieces of garlic on top, then you might find Chin’s fun.

I like it, but of course I don’t mind my drinking water in a throwaway glass, but I was thrilled my beer came with a glass tumbler.

A step down? Not at all – my favorite place for fish in Chicagoland.

clam chowder  and heavily laden garlic rolls

clam chowder and heavily laden garlic rolls

When the texture of the potatoes is just right, the chowder is pure delight !

Then two en trays to share, blackened halibut, and crab legs. Like the old quote from the Japanese anime “Full Metal Alchemist”, these two courses allowed Jan and I “equivalent exchange”

blackened halibut fresh from Alaska

blackened halibut fresh from Alaska

delicious crab legs

delicious crab legs

normandy delights

Normandy is a lovely place.   It could be a bicycling delight.  It boasts the sea, green verdant land, beautiful country roads and historic buildings. Rustic farms, villages, and sincere churches are all about.

church window

Rustic and just right for home base. Let me know and I can provide their information.

Paratroopers from on high in this church

And the people here, as all French do, understand the table.   If simple is best, then let us start with the humble sandwich.  We stopped in a little place for a beer and a sandwich and the bartender took our order, as we stumbled through our best French in tourist fashion, and then immediately ran out only to appear minutes later with fresh bread from the bakery.   Here in America, we judge our sandwiches by the huge size or plethora of toppings.  These sandwiches were simple bread with ham and the best butter imaginable. We ate with delight, a bite of sandwich, a sip of beer, and a bit of chat.

There are apples here, this place is famous for them.  So for dinner we eschewed champagne for the local sparkling cider aperitif.  Delightful and appropriate.  A fine way to celebrate the end of a fine day.  And of course do not forget the Camembert cheese, on a salad melted over small pieces of toast, tres bien ( don’t fear, we are near the end of my French now ).

Beauty and the aperitif

shrimp, fish pate ( very nice ), snails and the best smoked salmon ever


During our visit, we ate four dinners, at two restaurants, each excelled and was worthy of a second dinner.  In the picture above, the hotel looks over the  sea. And the seafood is fresh and delicious.  Here are some more samples of the fare at the hotel. And as for dessert, always spelled with a double s to differentiate it from a desert, well words fail me…