love of books

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pain — poem

the pain my hand subsides, but there are other types of pain as well Read the rest of this entry »

sharing an apple

original sin
so cool and perfect in my hand
my fingers caress it, knowing
that one bite will not sate our hunger
sweet juices, inside, liberated by
lip, and tongue, scent
we consume it as we would consume each other

life-giving, crisp motion as this apple
yields its very substance to us
and through each bite we share, I see the
perfect movement of your happiness

Blood red outside yet purest white within
as I watch your throat as swallowing
this great cavity of loss of self
we smile and suck the nectar
across our tongues and chew

I save the final bite for you and
lips moist and full devour it, the last
red skin and white flesh to become
body, blood and bone
and I gaze at you and judge your hunger

An exercise to improve writing skills was offered here, with the premise being to take an herb or fruit or vegetable and write for 30 minutes. I took an apple, and my mind wondered back to a time when I shared one with you.


silent spaces

Sometimes as evening falls into night we read Read the rest of this entry »